Adoption impacts on all members of the adoption triangle and their extended families. For adoptive parents, adoption may have come after a long struggle with infertility, possibly followed by a long and uncertain process of being in an adoption pool. For birth parents who had to surrender their child for adoption the pain of this loss is often lifelong. Adopted people can also have their own struggles associated with identity and what being adopted means to them. The emotional impacts of all these issues can often remain burried until they are ignited by life events such as the possibility of a reunion or the birth/death of a significant other.

Sue has had a long term involvement in the adoption community and therefore has a deep understanding of many of the issues involved in adoption.

Sue has run support groups for the Post Adoption Resource Centre (PARC) working with people pre and post their adoption reunions.

Sue has worked as an adoption worker in a non goverment adoption agency. She is experienced in counselling/strong> birth parents and adoptive parents considering adoption. She has also been involved in post adoption issues and mediating adoption reunions.